Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Career Center

In addition to the crucial skills learned through taking classes, DePaul University has a Career Center, which their mission statement explains as “creating connections to the world of work, providing comprehensive, centralized employment, and career services for members of the DePaul University community." It is crucial that colleges be able to assist students in their ability to prepare for post graduation employment.

DePaul's Career Center is a great and effective way to connect to numerous jobs and internship opportunities whether it be on-campus or with employers throughout Chicago and elsewhere. The Career Center can provide for students trying to find positions that correlate with their studies or taking the necessary steps in starting their career. To get started, the center advises students to learn about a variety of professions, employers, and graduate schools then connect with employers at the Career Center's career development workshops, job fairs, and events.

Through my academic knowledge and experiences, I have learned that it is never too early in a college career to begin thinking about the ultimate goal of getting a job after graduation. Students should consider the state of their resumes during their time at college and map out a plan to obtain the necessary experience and credentials for their chosen career path. 

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