Monday, March 9, 2009

Youtube sensation Judson Laipply to give speech tomorrow

Tomorrow night at the Lincoln Park student Center, the DePaul Activities Board will be hosting an event that looks to be a little different than the bulk of their offerings. Motivational speaker and comedian Judson Laipply will show up and entertain/motivate students with his speech entitled "Life Is Change".

So you're probably thinking "ok, so what?". While Judson may not exactly be a household name, you've probably seen his video on youtube; his "Evolution of Dance" clip (which you can check out here) is the 2nd most-viewed video in the history of youtube, with a whopping 115 million + views (the most-watched is Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" music video, FYI). Apparently Laipply closes most of his performances by performing this routine, and he released "Evolution of Dance 2" in January.

I'm honestly not that familiar with any other aspects of Laipply's routine, but based on his youtube videos alone, I have a feeling the performance will be one worth seeing.

UPDATE: Judson's speech went very well, I think. For once DAB, underestimated how many students would attend the event, and a number of people had to sit on the floor. Judson was a lot funnier than I expected and, of course, he closed his speech with an extended version of The Evolution of Dance.

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