Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch-out. Crime at the Library.

I am a regular at the Richardson Library, since I can't get any work done at my apartment, due to my distracting roommates. So I was worried when I noticed a bright yellow sign that caught my attention, warning students about recent theft at the library...
The sign was a "safety alert" letting students know that the theft rate at the library has increased and to be careful where you are leaving your stuff. Imagine this situation if you will... You just get to the library get all comfortable, set-up all your books, and then of course you have to go to the bathroom. What are you to do? You can't just pack all your stuff back up just to leave for a minute, but then again you can't just leave it there, someone could steal it. It's a real hassle. And to be honest I haven't come up with a good solution to solve this problem, unless you are with someone you can trust. I used to feel safe leaving my bag unattended for a moment, but after seeing this sign I was not going to risk it. Not only that but I found a couple other warnings about theft around the library. Here are a couple other warning signs I spotted (that aren't normally there).

This sign was located at a desk, warning students not to leave their laptops unattended.

The other sign I saw was this clever one about keeping an "eye" on your "iPod". They are obviously trying to warn students not to leave important belonging unattended. So watch your stuff when you are at the library!

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