Monday, March 2, 2009

SLI Workshop

Throughout the quarter I have been submitting blog postings regarding DePaul’s Student Leadership Institute or the SLI.  The last workshop I went to had a speaker who knew more than enough about leadership and had some very impressive credentials such as working with NBA teams on their motivation and confidence.  On March 6th in room 220 from 2-5 p.m. of DePaul’s Lincoln Park student center there is going to be the last SLI workshop for the quarter entitled Leadership as Service.  There will be a key note speaker like each workshop the SLI puts together and you will be given the chance to get to better know fellow students through group activities.  

Although you cannot get credit for attending the workshop in order to attain the leadership certificate I have attended these workshops and I have not registered before going.  I have learned a lot of valuable information through SLI and their workshops so I encourage anyone who wants to learn something outside of class periods to stop by the workshop.  For more info on SLI you can visit their website at

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