Monday, March 9, 2009

No Big East Wins, Still in the Tournament

First the bad news. The DePaul men's basketball team ended their season with an 18-game losing streak and did not get a single Big East Conference victory. Now the good news. The Blue Demons still get a chance to play in the Big East tournament. The Big East tournament now includes all 16 teams instead of the top nine teams in previous years. DePaul now has the ultimate shot at redemption. After getting beat up for the past two months by everyone in the Big East, DePaul can now play the spoiler role and knock some teams out of the conference tournament. DePaul will begin the tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York on Tuesday. Their first opponent will be the Cincinatti Bearcats. The Bearcats came to Allstate Arena and beat the Blue Demons in a close game back in January. Dar Tucker will look to lead the way with his team high average of 18 points per game. Will Walker who was right behind Tucker in scoring will look to continue his hot streak from 3-point land, even though he only shot 36% for the year. Any win DePaul gets in the tournament will be viewed as an upset and their chances of going far (if anywhere) are very doubtful. But the Big East has given DePaul one more chance to get a conference victory and hopefully the Blue Demons do not waste it.


  1. haha I like that you haven't lost all hope in DePaul Men's B-ball. As much as I would love to see an upset I don't think the chances are likely. DePaul needs to worry about what changes they need to make next year in terms of stepping up the game. It is kind of an embarrassment that they lost 18 straight in a row, and did not win at least one conference game. But we can only hope they at least win one game in the Big East Tournament!

  2. Wow I can't believe it! They actually won! I just checked ESPN and they beat Cinn. by 10 points. haha let's go DePaul!