Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free At Last!

(Photo from DePaul's Hillel website)

As I am sure everyone is aware, spring break is coming up. (Anyone else counting down the days?) What are your plans? I think some people may be surprised to know a group of DePaul students will be lending a helping hand in the South.

While some of us will be laying on the beach somewhere warm trying to soak up the sun, DePaul's Hillel will be bringing a group of students to the Gulf Coast for Hillel Builds: Alternative Spring Break. Through this students will be dealing with hands on service, community interaction, social justice as well as Judaism.

Hundreds of other Hillel students from across the country will also be volunteering in the Gulf Coast to rebuild some of what was lost during Hurricane Katrina from March 23-30.

What a great way to spend spring break, right?

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