Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Intramural Sports Approaching Fast

As the April Rapidly approaches, students start to prepare for a whole new group of spring sports. Each quarter/season a group of new sports starts allowing students to play mostly in coed intramural sports. This April, volleyball, floor hockey, flag football, kickball, softball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, and bocce ball are offered by Campus recreation. All teams are required to sign up by early April or they will not be allowed to participate.

The thing that confuses me is why the University doesn't advertise intramural sports more then they do. If they want students to get involved you think there would be an e-mail blast or something done that will make people aware of the many different options they have to participate in. The only reason I found any information about floor hockey is because after this quarter ice hockey is over and a few guys from the team wanted to get into an intramural sport, so I did some research. It just seems to me that if the University want students to get more involved, things should be advertised more. This goes for more then just intramural sports. I just recently read and article in the Depaulia about how students were only warned once about homecoming, which was when they announced the theme and location. After that there was nothing else posted, which resulted in many students missing out on the event due to not knowing about it. The students have no way of finding out what events are happening on campus unless they are told what is coming up and it is the number of student organizations on campus that are responsible to make sure the DePaul student population are aware of them.

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