Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ID Services Department in the Loop Campus is hiring!!!

Kaiji poised at her desk at the ID department in the loop.
Kaiji at a slow moment at work in the loop ID services Department.
Kaiji waiting for someone to help with ID or U-pass issues. Inset - Howard by the U-pass trays.
Howard helping Marie, a student, at his desk.
Howard verifying a student's ID.
Howard searching for a U-pass in the tray.

All qualified students are allocated Federal Work Study Funds each quarter at DePaul, but not all students take advantage of this extra funds by the government. While some students do not need these extra funds, some who do find it hard to take advantage of it due to limited positions on campus, and not being able to network properly for the positions available. A percentage of students do not know that they have this option, hence my blog today.
The loop ID services department is currently hiring for the spring quarter because some of the student workers there will be graduating soon, some have more classes to fill the free times they have to be able to work long hours each week. The process is simple, all you have to do is register your information at:
click on "log in to the student employment system" at the bottom of the page after reviewing all the information on the page.
Then take a copy of your resume to the ID department to speak with Jim Michehl-he is the Manager at the loop department. If you or anyone you know will  benefit from this available position(s), do not hesitate to do so as soon as possible.


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