Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lectures Recorded in CDM

This quarter I am in a class that takes place in the CDM building on the downtown campus. In this class there is a camera and a mic in the back of the classroom that tapes each lecture that takes place during our class period. The recorded lectures are put on the class website for the use of the students at anytime. Another great aspect of this is that while you watch the lecture it also shows what is being projected on the screen of the class, so that one is able to get the note missed for that class period. I, myself has used it a few times this semester upon missing the class. While at home sick, I was able to still watch what was taking place in the classroom, allowing me to keep up with my studies and allowed me to still be prepared for the test the next quarter. What troubles me is why this technology is not used in every classroom on both campuses? This is an amazing thing to have for the students and it truly helps both the teacher and the student out when it comes to staying on track in a class. CDM students have gaming labs and recorded lectures, makes me wonder what else communication students are missing out on...

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  1. They probably don't use this in every classroom because it would be pretty expensive to install. You have to have a special device to record what you write on the white board, and special markers. I bet that the University also fears that this would encourage students to skip their classes, but I don't think that's true. I had a class that had this feature available, but I never used it as a way to miss class. I think it would be awful to have to sit through class from my lap top!