Monday, March 9, 2009

Our fancy web-neighbors...

You are now supposed to be reading all about DePaul on iTunes; like, how awesome is it to stumble upon a DePaulian media pod during a very routine Google stalking?

Truth is: the desired result of the particular Google search which [digitally] unearthed iTunes' DePaul OnDemand was a hunt for facts about J383, the sequel to the Online Journalism class that maintains this very blog.

DePaul OnDemand @ iTunes

I landed in the class' menu of final projects, eying digital video products that DePaulia writer, Scott Bolohan, said made him feel like he had an edge above all other journalism students in the country. Not a bad endorsement for Online Journalism 2.

But the plot thickens. The iTunes abode for countless DePaul departments has already been blogged about on the Demon Tracks blog, a webspace devoted mainly to profiles of newsworthy alums and tips on merging career advancement fetishes with social media fetishes. [Kinda like us, huh?]

Fellows or foes, you might wonder? Professionals. And they're even crowdsourcing in the CMN department here at DePaul, featuring a DPU senior as a guest blogger.

Because the Tracks blog aims to document the moves of our post-grads, it might be wise to keep a devilish eye on their work, just to know what we all have to live up to.

The ancestral Blue Demon voices have spoken. (Even on The X-Files!)

Listen, and learn.

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