Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Liberal Arts & That "Perfect Job"

Attaining the perfect job after college is the ultimate goal for most graduates. However, the ease in which one gains employment may vary depending on their field. Nonetheless, finding a job is not something that can be done in a single day; “job hunting” takes forethought and careful planning. Colleges, such as DePaul University, provide many tools for students who are seeking jobs (including career centers and possibly even on campus interviews). In addition, DePaul’s Liberal Studies program prepares graduates by providing courses that educate them on a variety of topics. Even so, it is up to each student to individually take time to learn the system and interview their way to a promising career. 

The importance of liberal education is that it provides students with a greater understanding of many different fields that may or may not pertain to their major. Furthermore, liberal education prepares students to be involved in many kinds of jobs because of today’s ever-changing world.

I believe students with a liberal arts education are prepared for today's evolving world of work. Liberal arts graduates are attractive to employers because they have developed the skills necessary to adapt in a transitioning workforce. Careers in liberal studies share similar characteristics when it comes to the notion of skills. As students in the College of Communications, we are taught such skills as the ability to distribute and communicate information; the ability to make judgements and decisions; the ability to understand and analyze difficult concepts. In addition, we understand the importance of exhibiting excellent writing and public speaking skills. What more could an employer want? 

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