Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain Insurance at FEST?

FEST 09 is coming up and the annual concert is looking to be another good time. The past two years have not been disappointing, with good artists at cheap prices and an even better atmosphere. I have to say, DAB has done a phenomenal job at putting together a legitimate college concert. Last year there was Girl Talk, which was the sickness and the year before was The Roots, which was even better.

Lets talk about the rain insurance for a second though. I have never paid for it, and probably won't again this year despite the fact that it has rained for the past two years. I'm sticking with the game plan. I have a gut feeling that if i pay that extra cash (what is it? A dollar?) for the rain insurance that it is not going to rain. Besides, they didn't even move it indoors when The Roots played, and it was awesome!! So why ruin the experience?! I guess i can understand the whole "safety" issue, if i actually cared about it. A little lightning couldn't hurt that much, haven't you seen the movie Powder? Come on now! I say if it rains this year, let us party on! Boycott the rain insurance!!!


  1. haha great picture, and interesting point of view on rain insurance for FEST. I won't ever buy rain insurance either unless my most favorite band in the world is playing then I will spend the extra money to buy the rain insurance, but I don't think that I would want to go to the concert if it wasn't outside anyways so there is no point in buying the rain insurance to me.

  2. Interesting take, for sure. Based on the list of possible FEST bands, I probably won't even go.