Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Street Performers Make Me Feel Good About My Future

I work off the Chicago Red Line stop and there are frequent street performers (or in this case "L" performers) that i see often. This guy happened to be jamming out to some Bob Dylan when i was leaving work the other week so i thought i would take a quick photo before jumping on the "L".

I know that this might seem somewhat irreverent, but seeing this guy performing for money made me feel a lot better about my future after college. I'm not sure if he makes a living as a street performer, but i know a lot of them do. 

Being an artist is a tough life, especially if you want to pursue it as a career. I have several friends who went to DePaul for acting and are now really struggling to make it through these tough times. Its unfortunate, but it really comes down to them not having any "backup" skills to fall back on in times like these. 
Anyway, if you think your future is looking bleak, take a look at this photograph for a minute. You'll realize that at least you don't have it this bad.

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