Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hate Crime?

Today, while at the event I wrote about in my last blog post, a representative from Hillel, a group on campuses around the country that fosters Jewish students and puts on different programs relating to Judaism, got up in front of the group to bring some serious news.

Alan Eisenstadt, an Israel Intern for Hillel at DePaul, told the attendants that fliers that were posted on campus for this event had been found with swastikas all over them today. While he does not know who did this, he said that Hillel is asking everyone at DePaul to remember the ideals that this university is grounded on and uphold them.

I'm not exactly sure where I wanted to go with this blog post but I just thought it was interesting that people feel the need to do such things. I could rant forever about this subject but I'll turn it over to you: Did anyone see these flyers at all? Have you seen any other type of hate crime on campus? I know that this is not the first incedent.


  1. I didn't see any such flier but am horrified at the idea that there are people who still feel the need to commit such crimes. Indeed, in this day and age? I guess it is right what they say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." But, SERIOUSLY?

  2. "Not exactly sure where I want to go with this blog post"......????
    Dean of Students.
    President of Hillel and other group members.
    Other random students.
    You should definitely follow up on this. LIKE ASAP!
    Last semester there was a hate crime on my campus and we totally rocked that story. Check it out....it could be interesting. Plus, isn't there a Jewish holiday coming up? IDK. Just a thought.

  3. this is so disheartening. racism and prejudice obviously still exist in the world, but in such a diverse academic institution like depaul? education is supposed to free your mind, and it's discouraging to think that educated people can still be so ignorant.

    shelby you should try to follow up on this!

  4. I am a student at DePaul. The University has yet to come out with a statement to condemn this. There have been other incidents of anti-israel sentiment and anti-semitism on campus.

    Instances include calling for the boycotting of Jewish owned stores that support Israel and posters from MUN/SIA that claim Israel is white washing war crimes. Furthermore, one student said "When will the Jews/Israelis stop using Hitler as an excuse to commit genocide of the Palestinians" if you have more questions contact me at Israel.depaul@gmail.com

    The administration has been weak in dealing with this incident. Jewish students feel afraid to even walk into Hillel.

    Next event is this Monday the 16th at 6pm in Cortelyou Commons. The event is warning: 15 seconds to Impact... daily life in sderot. sponosered by Hillel.