Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Up for debate

I went to a debate Thursday night between the DePaul Democrats and the DePaul College Republicans. They covered four issues: the Employee Free Choice Act, the stimulus package, California's Proposition 8 and the Freedom of Choice Act (abortion).

I had to go to the debate for an article I wrote for the DePaulia. (You can see the online version here, but the print version is more informative because there's a chart. For some reason that wasn't put online.) Even though it was an obligation, I really enjoyed the event.

Both sides kept the event as serious and official as a group of college students arguing possibly could. What I couldn't write in my article but I can write here is that the audience definitely did not. I felt like some people said some inappropriate things (during a question session held between issues). On top of that, people were muttering (or even saying out loud) things between questions, even when the moderater continually told them not too.

Nonetheless, it provided for some great entertainment. Even though the issues covered were what you could call the 'political basics,' I learned a great deal more about them. I did not know about debates previously, but I would definitely go again. Just probably not by myself (as I did for my DePaulia article). And not with someone whose political opinions differ from mine, it was more intense than I'd imagined.

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  1. Elle, I saw this news feature you wrote in the DePaulia. It's nice to see your work blossom in print!

    Refreshing, too, is the fact that these issues are being ironed out on campus by engaged students.

    Which side won the debate?