Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Study Break

Finals are upon us. The library is more packed than ever, Brownstones provides extended hours and students hole up in their dorm rooms. Even though it only lasts a week (two weeks if you count the studying), we are constantly looking for an escape.

 I think DePaul is doing a pretty good job of providing that escape. Last night, Tuesday, motivational speaker/ dancer Judson Laipply performed at the Student Center. Below is a video of his act (from youtube) in case you missed it and would like a study break right now.

Later on last night, as seen in my multimedia assignment, was a late-night pancake fix at Seton Hall. R.A. Sarah Keep set up an assembly line of pancakes in a student kitchen/lounge complete with the grill, batter and of course chocolate chips. The event began at 11:30 pm, just when students are really hitting the books.  Below is another picture from that event.

 So if you aren’t the studying type, check out the many DePaul-sponsored events that encourage students to not study! Everybody needs a break… 

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