Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Community Forum at DePaul for the Redevelopment of Children's Memorial

Lincoln Park community members piled into the St. Vincent DePaul Center, 2145 N. Halsted Street on February 18, 2009 to discuss the future redevelopment of Children's Memorial Hospital.

The room was packed to the brim, with people sitting on window ledges in order to participate. 

The forum, organized by Ald. Vi Daley and the Chicago Department on Planning and Development (DPD) was the third public meeting on the subject. 

During the forum, representatives from the DPD presented potential ideas for what could take the place of the historic hospital come 2012, when Children's Memorial will make its move down to Northwestern Hospital in Streeterville.

Among the proposed ideas are plans for residential condominiums, a hotel, a parking garage, retail, and "mixed-use". 

After the presentation by DPD, the community members attending the forum broke into "Breakout Sessions" to further discuss their concerns about the redevelopment process. Included in their concerns were issues of noise pollution, traffic, and zoning. 

DPD announced at the end of the forum that there will be future forums, with the next one sometime in March. If viewers are interested in more information, they can visit the blog set up by DPD


  1. Nice work, Tim. I actually covered the first meeting for a local paper. Just a quick note, thought - the blog was set up by CMH PR, not DPD.


  2. Being a lower middle class individual living in the Mid-North neighborhood in Lincoln Park, I am against affordable housing on the Children's Memorial site, which will lower property values, and increase crime. I do support the project donating an equal amount of what they would provide affordable housing with to an affordable housing fund for other areas that more fit with this price range of housing.