Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun, Free Demo Monday!

This (kind of gross-looking) distorted image is a product of an Apple computer application called Photo Booth—many of you probably already know this. If you didn’t know this, though, you should check out the Apple table that will be in the Lincoln Park Student Center tomorrow (Monday) from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

            Evelyn Loomis, a sophomore and DePaul’s Apple campus rep—yes, we have product campus reps, who knew?—will be running the table. She will be available to give demos on the new MacBook and the iPod Touch, but if you’re not ready for an in-depth demo, (or just want to goof around) she will have Photo Booth set up as well.  Take a funny picture and e-mail it to your own computer (Mac or PC)!

            Evelyn will have similar events throughout the rest of the quarter and next quarter; each will provide an opportunity to learn something about your own Mac product or get more info if you are looking into getting one. Pick up Homecoming tickets (on sale tomorrow) while your at the Student Center, too, because Evelyn will be taking photos at the event that can be accessed online later by students that attended!!


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