Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gabe Gronli Speach.

Gabe Gronli is a producer of The Colbert Report. He is an alumni of the University of Wisconsin and moved to New York immediately after college. According to Gronli, he didn't know anyone job-wise when he went to New York, but interviewed and was accepted for an internship position with The Conan O'Brian show. "Internship after college?" Well, he doesn't advise you to wait until after college to do it, but had to since he didn't take advantage of that while in college. It was at the O'Brian show where he completed 2 college quarters of internship that he got the recommendation to work as an Associate Producer at the Colbert Report show. 

Gronli advises not to wear suits to interviews...he says dress appropriately but suits shine the "internship" light on you which may not always be in your favor. Though he loves comedy, started sketch comedy acts with friends in high school, Gronli says not having any experience does not disqualify you. He says one can learn on the job if one applies oneself. Rules are different in many organizations, but are not hard and fast. One thing he insists on is that...1. Never approach a table. 2. Know when to approach someone.

Sorry I am unable to upload the video of his speach, but look for that later on this evening as I intend to upload it in class. Happy viewing.

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