Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cut off #2.

In my previous post called, “Cut off.” I mentioned that there were a few things that annoyed me about our University, and I never got to my second point. Since it wasn’t related to libraries I thought it would make more sense to give this topic it’s own post. This post is about the cut off of food. I am sure you have all experienced the, “Sorry we are closed” when you are absolutely starving. Well it’s happen to me numerous amounts of times. Ill just get done at the gym and want to grab a bite to eat at brownstones, but they are already closed. Then I am wondering what is open? That’s a silly question, because it’s nothing on campus.

            The loop cafeteria closes at 8 pm, which means no food on break from night class. You have little, to no options if you just want a bite to eat. Almost every place is closed besides Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and a select others. I get it again, the loop is downtown Chicago and most places of business close early after people get off of work. But what about the students of DePaul, shouldn’t they be entitled to eat somewhere using their meal plans?

            As for Lincoln Park the Ray Meyer’s small food section closes by 9 pm the latest. You can’t even get a water bottle for while you work out. Then you’d think that brownstones would at least be open till 12 am, but it’s not, your cut off of coffee, and out of luck if you need to study all night. As for the cafeteria upstairs there might be one place you can go to till about 12 am, but that’s it.  

            Come on DePaul give us a break. We are college students ready to eat at any random time. We need more options. More coffee locations, and hours that meet our needs. Especially during midterms it would have been nice to have a caffeinated drink to buy after 10 pm. Stop cutting us off from the food and drinks that we need to keep us going during midterms or any other time in that matter.  

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