Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cycling for Kids

DePaul juniors Jared Benedetto and Justin Kman will ride their bikes from Chicago to California this summer. "We wanted to do something memorable before our senior year of college. We are both extremely adventurous and love doing random things," said Benedetto. They thought that a cross-country bike ride would be a good way to experience the United States and meet all kinds of different people, but then they realized they could make it more. Now, Benedetto and Kman will turn their bike trip into a charity event: They will fund raise for Christopher House, a charity that helps kids from needy families.

Although they have a Facebook event for their trip, the plan is still in the works. They are not yet certain what route they will take, but will most likely use Route 66 or Route 6. "We know we will end up in California," said Benedetto. They are also still on the look out for places to stay along the way, and they're still working on the budget as well as their fund raising goal.

For now it seems that Benedetto and Kman are content to plan a trip that combines their hobbies with their interest in community service. This is not their first experience in giving back to the community. "Justin has worked for Christopher house and I frequently visit St. Paul's nursing home to chill with the residents," said Benedetto.

One thing is for certain: Benedetto and Kman are in for an adventure this summer.

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  1. I know Jared!! I am amazed at what a great thing him and his friend are doing; it's so cool. It sounds like fun too, but I would be a little scared I think! If you can, keep us updated about how we can help raise the funds they are trying to get!