Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day in the Life of a CTI Student.

For my 3rd multimedia project, I followed around freshman CTI student, Konrad Bafia. Since I am in the school communication, my goal for this project was to see what the life of a student was like as a CTI student.

In this picture, Konrad sits in the back of class following along with the lecture being given by his teacher in his introduction to visual design class.

After a long class, Konrad takes a break before going to his next class, by making a visit to the nearest snack machine to suppress his hunger.

After his final class Konrad makes a trip to the cage with a friend so that she can return a camera that she rented out earlier that week.

After a long hard day of classes, Konrad relaxes with a trip to the 9th floor of the CDM building to partake in a view online video games with a few other students who were in there.

After being downtown all day, Konrad finally departs on the redline back to Lincoln park to get his car, where he parked it earlier that morning.

After follow Konrad around and getting an idea of what his day is like as a CTI student, I found that our days are not to different, with the exception of the tremendous difference in the kinds of classes we take. While I spend most of my time writing and learning about the skills of journalism, he learns about graphic designing and the art of creating video games. He also has the opportunity to enjoy the various video game labs downtown, which as a communications student, I do not have access to.