Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Radio DePaul Interview Series (Continued): Her Daily Obsession

So here's a brief background for the second band in the Radio DePaul interview series: Her Daily Obsession. Remember this interview and more can be heard at http://radiodepaul.blogspot.com.

Her Daily Obsession began in the fall of 2004 when Aaron Claxton began recording song ideas in his home studio. His previous group The Frequency had just disbanded and this freed up the time for him to work on his own material. After having recorded six ideas he decided to put a group together to hash out the songs in the studio and eventually play live. 

Claxton had asked his friend and co-worker Sarah Madden if she would be interested in giving the vocals a shot. Sarah had never been in a band, but having a background in musical theatre she was confident she could bring something unique to the table. Next Claxton called on the rhythm and timing skills of Rob C. They had already worked together for two years in The Frequency so Claxton knew there was no one better suited for the position. AC, Rob, and Sarah headed into the studio right away and began arranging the songs and writing vocals, but were still without a bass player and second guitarist. Following a few rehearsals without a bass player AC called John Warnock who was also a former member of The Fequency. After having a listen to the songs AC had recorded on his own John signed on full time. Last to join the group was Cory Andreen. 

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