Monday, February 23, 2009

Wonderland on Stage

Alice meets up with the Caterpillar. This picture is from the DePaul Theater School website. Photos by John Bridges & Jake Kvanbeck

This weekend I took in the DePaul Theater School production of “Alice in Wonderland.” Being a fan of the famous Lewis Carroll books, I was curious to see it would translate on stage…I was not disappointed. The production even managed to effectively pull off scenes where Alice is falling through the rabbit hole and when she shrinks to fit into the door. This adaptation of Lewis’ work followed closer to his book rather than the Disney adaptation and there were some characters that only an avid fan of the books would know. Each actor added their own stamp to their characters further bring the production to life. From the Duchess who had everyone bouncing, to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb who rapped the rhyme “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” to Humpty Dumpy cracking up, each imaginary character made wonderland seem real. The sets were elaborate while the costumes added a modern twist to each character. I highly recommend going to see it and it’s great for kids too. The last performance will be this Saturday followed by an ice cream social with the cast for an additional charge.
In general, tickets for any of the theater school productions can be bought online or at the Merle Reskin Theater Box Office at 60 E. Balbo, downtown. I highly recommend going to the box office a few days before the performance to get your tickets. Online tickets are $10 for adults, however at the box office student tickets are offered at $6 with a student ID. Also, the seating is general so going early helps you get a great seat. You can get more information on tickets and upcoming productions at

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  1. I saw this play on Thursday! It was amazing! The set and costumes at DePaul's play are always so intricate (the acting is great too!).