Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Maureen Greene

Maureen Greene has worked at DePaul University for 16 years. For 13 of those years, she has worked as the head sergeant of crime prevention on campus. She's the face you meet during the safety presentation at orientation (where yes, they tell you they will pick you up and drive you back to your dorm when you are intoxicated,) and often, she is the woman who answers the phone at the Lincoln Park campus hotline, 773.325.7777.
"The most rewarding part is helping new freshman make the transition to college," says Greene. "But when they have a hard transition, or their parents have a hard time, then it becomes a problem."
Greene recalled a memorable moment on campus where she really felt she made a difference at DePaul. "The most memorable day was 9-11, trying to help students, parents and my own family in a very difficult moment of this country. We had students from New York who were worried about their families and like everyone
else Public Safety is the 24 hour hub for information."
Greene had some interesting points about what Public Safety has done well and has not done well. "I think are personal interest and commitment to each individual student is very important to parents and students and we do this well. I alsofeel our Escort Service is very unique in regards to other universities," referring to the escort car service that the department provides. I think in every job there is always room for improvement it issometimes difficult to get people to think in a different way, and stilltry to keep the same services," says Greene.For the number one thing students should know about Public Safety, it is that Public Safety is available to help DePaul students 24/7.

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