Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DePaul's Two Cents

JOUR 363 isn’t the only source of students blogging here at DePaul. The Career Center has a student-run blog titled My Two Cents. You may have seen their promotional posters around campus as of late, but they’ve actually been posting since March of 2008.

The student writers cover topics such as the state of the economy, tips for financial fitness, job hunting, pending graduation and debt negotiation. There are also several “guest blogs” from employees here at DePaul who’ve got career information to share.

The concept of a by students, for students informational blog is becoming a great way for students to support and give advice to each other, and I think our fellow bloggers are doing a pretty good job of providing that. I would like to see a little more content on the site, but I think they’re testing out the waters of blogging like our Online Journalism class is.

You can check out My Two Cents here.

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  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who gets geeked up about the two cents blog! I was really surprised by the quality when I read it. I expected lameness and I was pleasantly relieved to be convinced otherwise.

    Too bad it's only a temporary gig. Soon it will be writing about struggling careers and will become a statement of the obvious for most journalists.

    Sorry, still on edge from Tim's post!