Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Profile: Jen Briggs

Professor Jennifer Briggs meet with her American Sign Language class Friday afternoon in the lobby of McGaw Hall. The class of five students does not even have its own classroom.

Briggs, or Jen to her students, is deaf. Her name sign is a bent first finger on the chin, representing the dimple in her chin.

 Thumbs up? Actually, in ASL the ‘thumbs up’ sign we are familiar with means ‘ten.’ The class is working on a chapter on measurements.

Two of the ASL students, Sam Mowry (left) and Emily Kline, sign to Briggs (not pictured). Notice the motion in Kline’s hand, while Mowry is holding a sign.

Briggs responds to the questions. Here, she is signing the word ‘describe.’ She is telling them to describe a favorite vacation for their next homework assignment. The class meets mostly online and submits video projects through YouTube. 

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