Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is that a thesis in your paper, or are you just happy to see me?

Drop everything you're doing. I promise this is worth it.

It's International Writing Center Week!

To recognize this momentous 7 days, DePaul's Writing Center has set up a Valentine's Day craft table in McGaw to scissor and glitter-paste construction paper come-on's for any established, would-be, or restraining ordered relationship. This curious McGaw loiterer (moi) was on site investigating the event as it unfolded. I walked away (and head on-into a sugar rush) with some inside info for interested writers.

(What I do for journalism. Really. Have you ever had glitter in your eye? 'nuff said...)

First, the spoils:

As a thank-you-for-stopping-by, the whiz-kids of the center have amassed a free-for-all of classic V-day goodies: Sweethearts and kisses, taped kintergarten style to market-specific love notes:

One was especially targeted to the word-nerd community (though that's the N.E.R.D.y branch of nerds - which actually goes so far outside the realm of traditional dweebiness it re-enters the door to social praise 1 ) for awesomeness, and 2)originality.

I subsequently ran an informal focus group within the neighboring Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse department where every specimen tested expressed rousing pleasure. It's not every Thursday afternoon a DePaul rhetorician banks some reciprocal lovin' from THE language authorities. --And, to be courted by such an esteemed community leader: "Textual Evidence," was too much to handle. This sent the teachers into fits of laughter, followed by the indictment of flushing cheeks. It was like theoretical panty-dropping. (Maybe you had to be there)

Those academics and their vice for magic words.

But here are some for you, from my heart to yours....

Scribbles from my careful eavesdropping:

"The Writing Center fellowship is piloting this spring - it's brand new." - Lauri Dietz, Writing Center Director. "You'll take a Writing Center Pedagogy class, [WRD 395] and work with 10 students throughout the quarter from a liberal studies domain or a class considered writing-intensive."

(The other speaker in this dialogue was hyper-interested in this information, so I thought you might be, too)

Lauri continued, "...I'm also interested in adding Spanish writing language tutorials..."

I thought, "This is so cool. Now I can tell my blog-readers all about the Writing Center Fellowship we were all e-mail alerted to without much explanation of what it is."

Then I thought, "I hope people apply to it."

"...Grad students are welcome, too," Lauri tagged to her pitch. It sounded like she was applicant-hungry. So there ye' are. Go write for credit and help other people write.

--And stop by McGaw tomorrow for free candy and Valentine-crafting supplies.

Everyone knows hand-crafting is the mark of a person who cares. And you might casually mention your interest in a writing center fellowship.

Tell them, "The girl who took your picture sent me."

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