Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where oh where did the breakfast buffet go?

When I first started going to Depaul, every saturday morning the students center's cafe offered a breakfast buffet that they priced somewhere around $8.00. It was great. You could wake of from a late friday night, pay a very reasonable amount of money and eat as much breakfast and you could possibly handle. They had everything from fruit to eggs prepared they way you liked them on the spot. "A group of us used to go every Saturday morning and get breakfast." "It became a weekend ritual to go get breakfast at the student center and it was very disappointing to learn that is was no more," said DePaul senior Ryan Griffin.

The every week occurrence of the all you can eat breakfast just cost too much money. Seeing that it was such a good deal, there was always a large amount of people attending the weekend tradition. Even though the all you can eat breakfast is gone, they still offer a weekend dinner buffet, which is also a great deal and amazing.

So overall, if you think the breakfast should be brought back like so many, then speak up and let DePaul know!


  1. Oh man! My freshman year I lived for the breakfast buffet. I haven't eaten on campus for two years, so I didn't know it was gone, but that's a huge bummer. The $8 price was such a good value, and on the meal plan it was nothing! It's unfortunate that DePaul would get rid of such a good bargain when everything else in the cafeteria is so expensive.

  2. "and on the meal plan it was nothing."

    I am really into my idea about transferring all the unused meal plan funds to put $50 - $100 on commuter students' demon express so we can eat, too!

    DePaul is the top transferred to school in Illinois and (I think) has the largest commuting population. What do we get, besides free soup you can never depend on actually being available in the loop campus once a week?

    VOICE YOUR OPINION ON MY POST! I'm seriously doing something big before I graduate. It's either a positive movement or a negative expose. I prefer the former, though I've been hinging on the latter.