Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Costume Design/Technology

For my video interview, I ventured to a building on campus that I did not even know existed. Beyond the church, the Ray, and one of the huge DePaul signs that I thought created a perimeter of the Lincoln Park campus, stands a discreet orange brick building that hosues parts of the Theater Department. In that building is the Costume Shop--the studio in which the costumes for all Theater School productions are created. I interviewed Camilla Hansen, a sophomore costume technology student, while she was working on the clothes for an upcoming production. 

I thought talking to someone who creates eccentric costumes would be an interesting take on my (fashion/clothes/trends) beat--it turned out to be so informative and neat. I asked Camilla later if she makes a lot of her own clothes as well, since she has all the skills. She said that she doesn't really, only because it's what she does for school all day--like a math major going home and doing math all evening. Nonetheless, she--and the other girls working in the studio--was very fashionable, and if you have ever seen a DePaul play, the costumes truly unbelievable. 

Note: The one problem I had with iMovie was turning the volume up on my voice but not the interviewee's. I am very difficult to hear, but the questions are easily inferred by what Camilla talks about. 


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