Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Radio DePaul's "Favorite Local Venues": Schubas Tavern

On the Radio DePaul's website, they have have a "Favorite Local Venues" section. Among these are such establishments as The Vic, Beat Kitchen, Park West, and The Abbey. So I thought I would do a very brief profile and description on one of my favorite venues which just happens to be one included on their list: Schubas Tavern.

Located at 31589 N. Southport, for nearly twenty years Schubas has been host to some of music's greatest talents and has been lucky enough to be the first venue for many very successful acts. The Dave Matthews Band, Death Cab For Cutie, Tori Amos and My Morning Jacket, among others, made their Chicago debut on the Schubas stage. It has one of the most intimate small music rooms in the city and has all the great elements: sound, environment, and atmosphere which every music fan can appreciate. 

The artists range from up-and-coming local acts with strong followings to nationally known acts who stay loyal to Schubas for help on the way up. The room is small enough to ensure fans are never far from the action on the raised stage (crowds max out between 125 and 175 people). Be sure to check out a show here in the future if you haven't already. If a favorite act of yours stops at this venue for a show it is sure to be a chance of a lifetime as you can almost always meet the band or artists because of the small space and relaxed atmosphere. 

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