Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homecoming photos will be available!

Last week, I posted about the Apple Campus Rep, Evelyn Loomis, and some activities/promotions she was holding. Here’s a great one that’s coming up:

Are you going to Homecoming? (It’s this weekend, Saturday the 28th, tickets are still on sale!) Evelyn will be at the event taking photos—of you, you and your date, a group of friends, etc.—which will be accessible online after the event (for free!).

 If you get a photo taken, you will receive the card shown below that directs you to the website. If you don’t get a photo, though, or can’t make it to Homecoming, but you still want to see the photos, go to:

 http://web.me.com/evelyn.loomis (the site is up and running now, but will be empty until after Homecoming.)

 Also, if you are a member of a group and would like Evelyn to do something similar at one of your events, you can leave a comment here or contact her at evelyn.loomis@me.com

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  1. Just took photos of students selling the tickets yesterday...think I would go, but why would apple sponsor our event and not give us great discounts on computers? Anyway, I would hope that'd change in time.