Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eric Zorn Responds to Chicago Journalism Townhall

Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn proposed a similar model... to the pay-per-use online news access discussed lately in every media circle, bistro, institute, conglomerate, blogosphere, and the like.

He compares it to a cable-TV subscription billing system whereby a set fee per month would open access to the content of a suggested 50 news sites over a month.

So long as university students can bypass copyright law, I'm completely down for it, though I still think the Internet Access Providers need to subsidize some of this. A breakdown of reporters' fees would also boost the proposal, like when a definite compensation was spelled out during ITunes' empire construction for musical artists. I can already envision the partnerships with Starbucks: the free swag Tuesday; "log onto ChicagoTribune.com for a free review of our fave, the looping Sia album."

Imagine the profits Apple (IPhone), Blackberry, Comcast, and AT&T have amassed just through the Facebook application alone. My Facebook/Twitter/News-surfing habits might be the primary factor influencing my next phone upgrade. If I shopped for Internet Access as frequently as I shop for mobile phones (usually when I'm about to go transatlantic), I would (in a world without monopolies) select a multimedia-fierce ISP.

So where was my invitation to the Allegro Hotel?

Call me, Eric Zorn. I want in on the penny chase.

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