Friday, February 20, 2009

We can do it!

I was browsing around on the internet, wasting time and avoiding homework for as long as I possibly could. I was clicking away through stories on, when suddenly I saw a headline reading: “DePaul Students Find No-Pass with U-Pass” – Alex Clark’s tip on our malfunctioning CTA passes made it all the way to a national news site!

I know Tracy, our professor, sent out an e-mail the other day about the story making it to Chicago Breaking News already. But I just wanted to congratulate Alex on making it a step further. I think her tip getting transferred up on is a huge achievement.

Maybe I’m getting a little too geeked out, but this little instance has made me feel like maybe DePaul journalism students can start making waves in this scrambling news industry. We just have to develop that tact of what makes news and what doesn’t – and have the know-how for who to present the information to.


  1. Exactly, Margie!

    You guys are learning a lot about the journalism business very, very fast--and are doing an amazing job.

    Keep it up.