Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Professor Fowl Interview

On Monday February 9th I attended an event entitled Religion and Society Lecture Series in room 314 of DePaul’s Student Center. The speaker at the lecture was Professor Steven Fowl who is the Head of the Department of Theology at Loyola of Maryland. The first question that I asked of him was to state how he discovered religion. The second question I asked was what lessons or virtues are most important when looking at the readings of Paul the apostle. And lastly I asked him which apostles are his favorite. Professor Fowl was extremely nice and the interview went smoothly. 

(The cage gave me a larger camera than i was given for our in class practice interview and no matter how many times I uploaded this video to YouTube it cut off part of the screen making it look like i had Professor Fowl out of scale.  Although it looked great when i was playing the interview back on the camera itself the video changed when it was compressed and uploaded to YouTube.)

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