Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring clothes: too soon?

Personal pet peeve and major fashion faux pas: jumping the gun with spring clothes. I am just as grateful as everyone for the incredible weather we got over the weekend—and yes, it was hard to not throw on a bathing suit and lie out on my deck, or pull out all my shorts and tank tops from storage. But news flash: it is still February. So where do we draw the line during this awkward season transition? When is it acceptable to wear flip-flops?

            My roommates and I discussed this thoroughly just the other day. My friend Evelyn said that she saw someone trip on her flip-flop, and right after thinking ‘Oh, I hate when that happens,’ she thought, ‘Wait! I’m wearing a winter coat and she’s wearing flip-flops!’

            Verdict: if there is any remnant of snow on the ground—and I know it’s melting, but it’s still there!—no one should be wearing shorts or flip-flops. We are all just helping the cause of what is inevitable anyway: within the week, almost every single one of will be sick (and, unfortunately, back in winter gear, as the forecast says the temperatures are headed back down). 

Photo: flip-flops and bare legs--just a dream for now. 


  1. I'm definitely with you on this one... I decided yesterday that it was nice enough outside that I didn't need a jacket. Not the best decision.

  2. I hate when people jump the gun and wear spring clothes when it is clearly still winter. Yes, we had a couple days of nice weather but not warm enough to be wearing spring dresses and open-toed shoes! I agree with you that people need to slow down with whipping out those bright colored clothes and realize that you still need a winter coat. Spring will come soon! I think that an acceptable time to start possibility wearing your spring clothes and open toed shoes is right after Spring Break. When your nice and tan and is actually April!