Friday, February 27, 2009

Journalist Roundtable

On Thursday February 26 in room 314 of the DePaul student center there was a journalist roundtable sponsored by the DePaul Humanities center.  On the panel was a group of well known journalists who have covered Barack Obama on the road to the White House including Laura S. Washington, Ida B. Wells-Barnett University Professor and Fellow of the DePaul Humanities Center, and a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.  Students, staff, and the public asked questions about how it was to cover the rise of President Obama. 


All of the journalists on the panel said that President Obama utilized the young voters incredibly well which cant be said of previous presidential candidates.  Plus the journalists noted that President Obama was very organized and calculated throughout his campaign and the reason he one the presidency was thanks to an amazing game plan.  Obama mania was a common phrase used throughout the discussion.  After the discussion was over there was a reception directly outside of room 314 where food and refreshments were provided and the public had the chance to talk to the panel members in a one on one basis.  It is amazing to see DePaul bringing prominent journalists to the campus so students and staff can learn from their experiences.

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