Monday, February 23, 2009

Music & Entertainment Career Night is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening in Lincoln Park the DePaul Music Business Organization (I wasn't aware we had one, either!) will be holding their 12th annual Music & Entertainment Career Fair. It's going to be in the Lincoln Park student center's Multipurpose room from 6 PM to 9 PM. I attended the event last year, and even though I only got a single job interview out of it, I did some networking and got some pretty good contacts.

There are nearly 30 organizations/vendors scheduled to be at the event, including:
Bloodshot Records
CBS Radio
Lyric Opera of Chicago
The Metro
Radio Disney
Reggie's Music Joint
Victory Gardens Theater.

I'd highly recommend the event for anyone looking for an internship or future job opportunity... or really anyone who's interested in music or how the music industry operates. There's also a workshop beforehand called "In the Know". It's sponsored by Grammy U, and you'll learn tips from speakers on how to build your resume.

As per usual, there will be free food (yay DePaul!)

UPDATE (2/24): I had a pretty good time at the event, gave my resume to a couple people (including Pitchfork, which I was very excited about!). There didn't seem to be as much there for journalism/communications majors as I'd hoped. Oh well. Here's a couple amusing/fun pictures I took...

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