Sunday, February 22, 2009

a handful of help.

Spotted: Fullerton Avenue, Outside of John T. Richardson Library

Although the beat limitations are no longer enforced, I have come to find that when the demand for underground art is no longer enforced, the supply is in abundance. Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed each work I have posted, not just the piece, but the search that I undergo each week. Forming a network of awareness with others, receiving tips, or picture messages ties right in with our weekly discussions on citizen journalists. I post the information, but with the help of others who may have found it throughout the week. Almost as if they are the eyes, seeing the work, and I am the hands, posting it.

[shout out to Alex: well done.]


  1. Very interesting piece of art. Is it an elephant? lol

  2. I see that everywhere! Also, Liza that one you posted last week that was on a brick wall then had a wooden post by it too? I commented that I pass that one all the time, and when I passed it Friday, it was gone!

    It just makes me wonder, like, of all the ones you've posted, how many do you think are still there? It's weird, but interesting.