Friday, February 27, 2009

Profiling a DePaul Professor: Erik Peterson

For our third assignment I profiled one of my professors.  Erik Peterson is the professor in my journalism class, writing for broadcast.  The first photo was taken in the middle of one of our classes.  Professor Peterson was taking questions from students on one of their upcoming writing assignments.

After our class ended I followed Professor Peterson to his office on DePaul’s loop campus.  When we arrived in his office he proceeded to enter grades into his computer for the students in my journalism class.

One of my fellow students from my writing for broadcast class came in to go over her rough draft of an upcoming assignment with Professor Peterson.  Professor Peterson has told me many times that he gets the most out of teaching when he can work one on one with students on their work.

I decided to let Professor Peterson look at my writing assignment and out came the red pen.  I had to make a few improvements but the advice he gave me was helpful as always and I think ill get a good grade on the assignment when I turn the final draft in.

It was time for me to leave when Professor Peterson had to make some important business calls. Professor Peterson is a professor who wants to help student with their writing in any way possible and it can be seen through my profile of him

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