Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Game Show Night @ DePaul

Calling all 90’s pop culture experts! You missed out on a great chance to win cash prizes and a trip down memory lane last night.

DAB hosted its quarterly Game Show Night in the Student Center MPR room…aka Student Center 120. The name of the game was “Do you remember being a 5th grader?” and contestants had the opportunity to win up to $100!!! Even more incredible was that audience members had the chance to win money as well even if they were not chosen as contestants or to be on the panel of “5th graders.”

Here’s how the game was played…It followed the same rules as the FOX show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” but there were a few extra rules and twists. Contestants were chosen by asking them to do bizarre tasks ranging from who could find five rings to put on every finger to a “rock paper scissors” showdown. Once the contestant was chosen they had a few cheats available to help them out on tough questions. Like the TV show, contestants had the option of peeking at the answers chosen by the entire 5th grader panel or they could cheat of one of the 5th graders. Unlike the TV show, contestants had the opportunity to use a “Note from Mom,” which excuses them from one wrong answer.

To get the audience involved, cash prizes were offered to them as well. For every contestant that answered a question wrong, an audience member was allowed to steal the question and win $5. Questions focused on 90’s pop culture but ranged all over the board. There were questions ranged all over from Nickelodeon Cartoons, Sitcom shows, Sports, Space, Music Artists, and even NASCAR Racing to name a few.

It really was a fun night! I had the opportunity to talk to a few students before the show started and two of them ended up on the show! One was on the panel and the other was the first contestant of the night. Check it out under “Inside Game Show Night @ DePaul.”

Unfortunately DAB has no more Game Show Nights this quarter. But get ready for next week when DAB will host a bunch of other fun events! Monday, there will be a double feature in the MPR room. They are showing “Dark Night” and “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” And for those of you, who are in the Loop on Tuesday, stop by the cafeteria for a Lunch Break with “The Office.” These events are a lot of fun and a great way to take a break from school and maybe even life in general. The events are also free which is always a plus for broke college students! Hopefully I’ll see you at a few of them next week!


  1. I think I know the answer to Photo No. 2.....Corona?!

    What did I win?

  2. Ally - we'd like to use some of the pictures here on our Game Shows To Go website at We've already linked to these stories, which we discovered a couple of weeks ago.

    These are probably the best, most accurate descriptions of how the show runs that we've seen. Thanks a million. You can reach me via e-mail cj(at)