Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Science Building Has Everyone Smiling

How do you spot the science students and faculty at DePaul? It's easy - just look for the huge grins. On January 5th, DePaul opened it’s newest learning space, the 4-story, 130.000 square foot Monsignor Andrew J. McGowan Science Building. This $40 million dreamscape for science is designed to be ultra-sleek, very environmentally friendly, and best of all, a state of the art research and teaching center for Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science.
According to DePaul’s official website,” [e]nrollment in DePaul science classes has increased more than 22 percent in the past eight years, and science majors have increased by 57 percent”. The building has a very modern, clean feeling, abundant with smooth finishings, chrome, glass, and neutral tones. The center piece as you enter is a 26 foot mural of St. Vincent de Paul himself. “The mural, designed by photography student Mary Vucekovich-Jeon, is composed of 10,000 individual photographs of students pursuing science studies”, the webpage reports.
Chemistry students especially have much to be thankful for – the entire third floor of the building has been dedicated to their program. Along with that, some notable features of the building include: a 150 seat lecture hall, twenty-three research labs, and a coffee bar for you espresso junkies.
The building is also extremely eco-friendly, possibly enough to earn a LEED gold certification, says Bob Janis, VP of Facility Ops. The environment-saving features this building boasts include a green roof replete with two greenhouses, room occupancy sensors, and high efficiency materials and machinery.
This new crown jewel in DePaul’s Science Education crown will be providing excellent space for our future Einsteins and Curies to learn, and even if you’re not exactly able to list a few elements, a beautiful, relaxing place to study.

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