Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Year's Resolution

I woke up. I had put together my bag the night before. Shoes? Check. Shorts? Check. Old yet fashionable t-shirt? Check. Gamely I grabbed some fruit and set off for...THE GYM!
We at DePaul have it easy, in our lovely Ray Meyer Fitness Center. Not only is it on right on campus, but chock full of fitness programs, a pool, basketball courts, and scores of machines to give us no excuse not to keep our new year's resolution.
This $12 million facility is home to several staples of student life here at DePaul. More than a tiny portion of our meal-plan dollars have gone to those delectable smoothies at the cafe on the ground floor, and everyone knows the place to be seen is at the gym!
Starting from the ground up, the Ray is essential to any student’s time here at school. The ground level has the locker and ball rental, 3 raquetball courts, numerous pingpong tables, and several televisions. It is also home to the aforementioned juice bar and cafĂ©. The pool and locker rooms are located near the back of the center. Up the stairs, one finds most of the machines, some even with televisions built right in! Also, the second floor is where the infamous studios A, B and C are located. Here, you can whip yourself into shape with a crunch class, or maybe kickboxing is more your style. Sunday nights, you may even be able to watch this blogger fail miserably at dancing during Dance Party. But whatever your taste, there is probably a *FREE* class at the Ray. Up the stairs again, and you’ll find the basketball courts. Not limiting ourselves to one sport, you can also play soccer, lacrosse, dodgeball, and badminton. There are several intramural leagues that take place here over the course of the year. Finally, the fourth floor is home to the indoor running track, as well as a few more machines, sadly without tv’s.
So that’s the Ray in a nutshell, if you have time, do yourself a favour and swing by!

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