Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To Sign Or Not To Sign?

With the internet making it possible for any band to make a Myspace page and promote themselves, it seems that the airwaves are clogged full of whiny boys (and the occasional girl) in tight jeans, American Apparel v-necks and high-top Nikes. But WHY?!?

Well, these bands are forming and being signed faster than the temperature is dropping (bad comparison..eh?..eh?..yeah I thought so too). They are the hot commodity of today and like it or not, they are here to stay...for now. But is being signed all its cracked up to be?

I mean, sure, being signed gives you money to promote yourself better, tour longer, record in higher quality studios and attract the occasional groupie, but I think there are far better advantages to bands who start out small and work their way to the top.

For example, no pressure. Labels, no matter how big or how small, tend to want to control their bands. What tours they go on, what clothes they wear even what beverages they drink (hello tours sponsored by Monster Energy where ALL you can drink is Monster Energy...can you imagine?). More importantly though, labels will try and control their bands creatively. How they sound, their lyrics, their "look". I used to think that being in a band was all about creativity until the recent "emo" explosion.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like my occasional long haired, tight pants wearing, whiny lyricist band just as much as the next guy (possibly even more), but really, if being signed is just going to turn a wonderfully talented, creative and unique band into the next cookie cutter "big thing," count me out.

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