Sunday, January 25, 2009

They still make these?!

I came upon the idea for this post while at a sleepover—yes, a sleepover—this weekend. (Hold the laughter/judgment/whatever, the ‘sleepover’ was a sorority retreat, and it turned out to be the perfect break from sometimes-stressful college life. I found that sleepovers are underrated—I encourage everyone to give them a second chance.)

 Anyway, Saturday evening, thirty-some girls trudged through the snow toting blankets, pillows, midnight snacks and overnight bags. We changed into our pajamas almost immediately, and one of the girls, Lauren, shocks us all with one piece, zip-all-the-way-up, feet-attached, patterned fleece PJs. (Lauren, by the way, is not a toddler. In fact, the PJs were a present for her 21 st birthday.)

 Now this might not be worth mentioning for any other reason than its pure hilarity (see for yourself, picture to the right)—however, I have truthfully heard quite a few people mention these one-piece outfits lately. Is there some charm to them? Are they really that comfortable?! (I imagine I would feel very constrained in them, not to mention going to the bathroom would be an ordeal.) There must be something to these PJs, although, as of yet, the only people I know that own them are Lauren and the four-year-old I baby-sit.

 I think they might catch on, so I’ll help you get ahead of the fashion curve. Check out these sites for tons of adult footed pajamas: (this site allows you to shop by height) (solves the bathroom dilemma with some drop-seat options)

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  1. NOt ashamed in any regard to let you all know I own three different pair of onezies, including an erotic zebra print one (which i posed in for my eHarmony pic).