Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's the Audience?

Comedians from The Edge Comedy Club came out to perform their best (and worst) jokes for a shockingly empty auditorium tonight in the DePaul Student Center. DAB (DePaul Activities Board) hosted a Comedy Showcase with a brave face despite a poor turn out. Only about 15 students actually showed up! The four comedians who performed capitalized on the situation and worked it into their routines in a way that had everyone laughing. You definitely had to applaud their ability to make lemons out of lemonade!

While I could go on about how funny these four men were, I feel that the real story revolves around the lack of an audience. I’ll admit that other than DAB’s website, I did not see much advertising for the event. It was a shame because not only was the event free… but DAB also provided free pizza, chips, and drinks for those who showed up. The comedians were very funny as well and it was a great break from studying. Interestingly enough, DAB also had Open Mic Night on the other side of the Student Center immediately following the Comedy Showcase, where the room was packed with students. More to come on that event tomorrow though!

Next Tuesday DAB will be hosting a Game Show Night with prizes at 6PM in the Student Center! In addition to that event, DAB will also be announcing the theme and location for Homecoming. That’s what I’m looking forward to next week and maybe I’ll get a chance to see a few of you there!

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  1. I am not usually at the Lincoln Park campus, so maybe I just totally missed it, but I didn't see any advertising at all for that event! I went last year when one of the Second City traveling groups performed at the athletic center and really enjoyed it. I definitely would have gone to this too, had I known about it. Bummer.

    That game show night sounds fun also, maybe I will attend that, but again, I haven't seen any advertising for it!