Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Color Predictions

As for the fashion and trends at DePaul, it seems that all there is to talk about is sweaters, coats, gloves, boots and everything else students are wearing to combat the extreme cold. If we can't actually be warm, though, we can at least talk about it! Sure, we still have a good seven weeks or so, but it is never too early to start thinking about Spring break. In fact, a company called Pantone* started thinking about it last Fall. They released a document predicting popular colors for Spring 2009, gave interesting reasons for each pick, and spotlighted a designer who is featuring that color in his or her Spring line. 

The 1o colors are pictured to the left; for full descriptions, go to: 

*Pantone is a really interesting company that deals solely with color. They develop and predict color trends, then put that knowledge into the creation of paint, fashion, home wares and especially graphic design. 

**Also, a question: Where are people going for Spring break this year? It could have a major effect on what you wear..

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