Sunday, January 18, 2009

warm message on a frigid day.

Spotted: Art Department, Room 310

[Beth's bench.]

[Message from Andy on Beth's bench.]


  1. I really like your posts so far! It's a creative idea. I really like underground art because I think it's a raw form without any formal rules. Keep up the good finds!

  2. This is cute! Is it a student's art project? I wonder if Beth knew Andy was going to write on her bench. Way cool!

  3. There is some insanely famous British graffiti artist but nobody knows his identity. He has been commissioned to do works for loads of celebrities, so his agent is known (he might have a pseudonym?) and accessible.
    This kind of art can really command attention. I like the subversion. !
    Maybe Andy will propose to Beth on that bench.
    Or maybe Andy is her friend, or brother?

    We all need an Andy in our lives.

  4. Molly, that pseudonym is Banksy. I can't get enough of his stuff.

  5. The bench it was written is used in the classroom. I don't believe it was Beth's art project, not that I have met her, but there are 15+ of the same kind in there. However, it was the only pink one..