Friday, January 30, 2009

Interview with a Student Fashionista

I asked Stacie Wolf, a fashionable sophomore at DePaul, some questions about her style:

Who or what influences your style?

Stacie: I'm an art major, so I am particular on unique avante garde textures and structure. I love clinched waists. I love the late 40s look, I love New York; I love street fashion. I love ethereal and slightly sexy/romantic touches. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Stacie: SHOPBOP[.com], vintage stores, and Neiman’s, and H&M is awesome for well-priced, very trendy, quality pieces.

Has your style changed since coming to college/DePaul/Chicago?

Stacie: Yes, college and the city have influenced how I dress, not DePaul though. I was cut off from my parents for spending money on clothes, so I am now very much interested in investing into practical nice items rather then impulsive silly things. My roommates and friends also made an impact.

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