Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late Twentieth Century Studies

Nikko Papaioanou, sophomore, 20, welcomes attendants to the DePaul Activity Board's Game Show Night, "Do You Remember 5th Grade?" in the DePaul Student Center at 7:00pm, January 27, 2009. Doorman duties were a nice practice session for Nikko, a marketing major who has declared a minor in management. Nikko offered some nice swag from the DAB, including logo-stamped breath mints, magnet schedules, and sachets of hot chocolate. Oh, yes, and a chance of free money awaited behind those doors...

Host Gus Davis confirms that Ruben Studdard won the second season of American Idol after the first competitor turned to his expert panel of 5th Grade Graduates. These masters of late '90's through 2002 pop culture key terms were brought in to color in a number of memory holes: JOE Camel, Nickelodeon's DOUG, and NORBERT, the hatched Dragon from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The rounds-for-cash play of "Do You Remember 5th Grade" pays up to a maximum of $100 for successive correct answers, but our contestants walked away at a $65 bank. "That's two cases!" friends yelled.

When 20-year-old Anib stepped up to win big money, he probably hoped for financial questions, or maybe something about real estate, his minor. (Didn't Cribs come out then?) Anib was less fluent in the language of the '90's when he stared blankly in total loss. The question, "What males- only drug was approved by the FDA on March 27, 1998?" makes one wonder what kind of news was distributed to fifth graders in 1998. Host Davis hinted, "think about this long and hard. I'm sure something will pop up." Thanks to generous extra game lives, like "note from mom" Anib was able to play for at least a month's allowance.

One of the few rule-abiding spectators was Kellen Krause. A junior scenic design student from the School of Theater, Kellen attended in an official capacity: Student Coordinator, of which DePaul Activity Board comprises seven.
There are more than 200 group members to keep the events busy throughout any quarter, with 30 programs planned for student coordinators to select 15 of- in order to maintain their position supporting the three member executive board. Kellen does all this, and roots on his fellow Blue Demons in their quest for fun and free funds. The model "active" student on campus, Kellen has a minor for now, one for later, and one he left behind. His job as web designer for the University Ministry might have been an easy match, since Kellen minors in Catholic Studies and knows his superiors. He began the path to a marketing minor, but changed directions into art and design. Realizing he wants to build something beautiful, Kellen says, "I love medieval art. I think it's fascinating." Kellen plans to become an architect through graduate study. He'll at least know how to juggle.

48 DePaul students attended the event. Eager to participate, they were given a chance to earn five dollars for correctly answering questions about which Mexican beer was the top imported brew in the late '90s, what year Microsoft released Windows 98 Second Edition, and what beauty pageant queen was found dead in the basement of her parents home. When these DePaul students showcased their competitiveness, each made sure to stress the importance of all they study. Even if its just what Nickelodeon show postponed their 5th Grade homework in 1998.

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